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The LA Startup Fellowship is an initiative started by Bruin Entrepreneurs of UCLA. We connect promising students with early stage startups. We aim to give students internships where they are valued employees, while also providing startups with a pool of driven interns to choose from.

1. Application

Students apply online so we can begin the screening process.

2. Match

We match the best student talents with appropriate startups.

3. Growth

The startup and the new intern grow and learn together.


Play games, earn points, win food! PlayFull is an app that combines games with food rewards you can redeem at a great list of partnering restaurants.


Yeti is a local recommendation engine that is implementing a revolutionary new UI that they believe is the future of local search. Imagine Yelp for the modern age. Get instant recommendations on where to go and what to do in the area, based on your preferences.


Formative has created a platform for real time educational assessments. Using their online technology, teachers can see all of their students works and intervene in the moments that matter the most.

This could be you

Contact you if you're a startup looking for talented interns and want to partner with us for the fellowship program.


Why should I apply for the LA Startup Fellowship?
We provide you with the opportunity to work as a valued member of the LA startup industry by connecting you to companies that will assign you projects that matter. You will be given more responsibilities than at a larger firm, and will make some real contributions to the company.
You will also get valuable exposure to the startup world by working closely with founders of these startups.

Will I be mentored through this Fellowship?
You will be mentored through the program by one of the employees at the startup. This mentorship will all you to understand what it takes to create and run a startup.

What is expected of me through this fellowship?
We ask one thing of all our interns: that you be absolutely committed to the startup you are connected to. Many of the companies you will be placed in are made up of a handful of employees. Thus, when they hire you for a summer, they are not just seeking an intern, but rather an employee who will help them to improve the company that they have invested their lives into.

Is this a paid internship?
Yes, you will be payed for this internship. The pay varies from company to company and you will be provided with that information before you accept the internship.

What is the length of the internship
This also depends on which company we think fits your skillset best. You will be notified with this information before you accept the internship.

Why the LA Startup Fellowship?
The fellowship is completely free for companies in terms of finding interns. We do all the hard work of reading applications and interviewing candidates, finally connecting you with a few individuals we believe would be a good fit for your company. At this point you could conduct a final interview in which you are not at all obligated to select an intern. Our goal through this program is just as much to help startups find committed interns as to find internships for students. By submitting an application to this program, you as a company are committing to nothing; rather you are giving us an opportunity to find you interns.

What is expected of you through this fellowship?
We created this fellowship not just to find students internships, but also to give them an idea of what it takes to work/run a startup. We would ask that you mentor your intern through the summer, perhaps meeting with him/her every so often to talk about your startup and how it got to where it is now. We want to interns to really understand the specific challenges and logistics of a startup.

Pay & Duration of Internship
The pay, hours, and length of the internship are really up to you. We don’t want to place any unnecessary burdens on your company. We want both intern and startup to come out better as a result of this fellowship. What kind of interns can I expect? We want to connect you with an intern who has the skills your company needs. Our application system is structured in part on the information you give us. We look for likely interns based on the skills you ask for on your application, so the more detailed you are with us in regards to the type of intern you are looking for, the better we can screen through our applicants.